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Closely monitor your SAP® order to cash process, from sales order to payment.

Are you delivering goods to customers with credit questions? Reviewing all changes to customer credit limits? Missing unusual or excessive returns, credits or payment terms? Overlooking orders or deliveries that spend undue time on hold? The Process Analyzer for SAP Order to Cash (OTC) module helps you tackle these issues and more. It provides Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) of your SAP order to cash process—from sales order entry through shipping, invoicing and payment.


Risk management. By identifying and remediating exceptions to business rules, you can improve cash flow and customer satisfaction while guarding against financial risks caused by fraud and human error.

Monitoring of order to cash business rules. Don’t miss an issue because you rely on manual sampling of a small subset of transactions.This module automatically checks every interaction for exceptions to established policies, procedures and best practices.

Real-time notification of issues. When an exception is uncovered, an automated notification is immediately sent to key business process owners. The system provides notification of process breakdowns such as blocked orders, unusual credit limits or payment terms, duplicate shipments, sales orders or shipments not subjected to credit checks etc. for investigation and quick resolution.

Analysis and remediation. User-friendly reports provide simple overviews of exceptions. They also let you drill down to relevant documents and transactions, so you can remedy the issue quickly and easily. Details are then are stored for review by auditors.



Improve business processes. Discover breakdowns in business policies and procedures in your order to cash process. Then make improvements that enhance customer satisfaction and repeat orders and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), freeing up millions in working capital.

Automatically identify human error and fraud. Pinpoint high-risk areas for deliberate fraud and manipulation of the sales process (e.g., raising credit limits, changing payment terms, creating fictitious sales orders).

Improve audit efficiency. Remove the need for costly manual sample testing, and attain an Always Audit Ready™ state. Auditors can quickly and easily review every control, transaction, exception and action taken to resolve issues.

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