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Don’t just audit your SAP® licenses, manage them better.

For your next SAP license audit, use the opportunity to manage those licenses more effectively. The SAP License Optimization tool in ControlPanelGRC®‘s Usage Analyzer draws on live statistical usage data from your SAP system to provide you with data at the user, group, license and transaction levels. The result: You have a wealth of information to support your business efforts.


SAP License Optimization. Usage Analyzer’s summary data not only includes usage information for a rolling 12 months, but also suggests classifications for license types. Use these suggestions to determine if light users’ license types could be downgraded or reclassified.

SAP License Budgeting. Usage Analyzer reports can help you with license budgeting, by providing the number of users at a location or in a department by SAP license type.



Save on SAP licensing costs. Improve your preparation for SAP license audits. Use the module’s insights into license usage to redistribute occasional system users to less expensive license types—and save on new SAP licensing.

Optimize license distribution. Use RBE data to determine which users can be downgraded and which departments or locations require which type of license.