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Tame the tedium of SAP® password resets

The SAP Password Reset with Password Manager module of the Security Acceleration Suite automatically resets user passwords in all SAP systems in a single convenient transaction. That eliminates “password day,” when users have to log into multiple systems to manually reset all their passwords. Instead, users and SAP support staff can quickly reset their passwords—and get on with productive work.


Central utility to reset all passwords. With a single transaction, users can reset their passwords in all SAP systems in which they have an active user ID. That saves hours of tedium, and reduces the chance of mis-typed or forgotten passwords.

Automatic recording of resets. To satisfy auditors, Password Manager automatically records password resets and generates appropriate documentation for compliance reporting.



Eliminate wasted hours. Since passwords in all SAP systems are reset from a single, easy-to-use transaction, users don’t have to manually log into numerous SAP systems individually.

Minimize helpdesk calls. Forgotten passwords or locked user IDs account for many IT helpdesk calls. With Password Manager, passwords can be reset quickly and easily.

Automate compliance documents. To document and verify password resets for auditors, Password Manager automatically captures and reports all password resets—eliminating manual preparation of compliance reports.

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