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Enjoy effortless testing and roll-outs

The SAP® Security Testing and Quality Assurance module of the Security Acceleration Suite streamlines testing and roll-out of users and roles. Using its powerful tools and utilities, administrators can manage user IDs and roles en masse, for effortless SAP implementations and roll-outs.


Temporary assignment of test roles. Testers can log into systems using their current user IDs and passwords, then “switch in” test roles for testing. It eliminates provisioning of transient test IDs and endless email chains regarding notifying users of temporary IDs and passwords.

Automatic collection of security test data. Results of user test sessions are automatically recorded, so testers don’t have to manually record and report on their individual sessions.

Automated reporting of testing. Security Quality Assurance automatically generates and routes audit-ready reports for documented reviews. Managers don’t have to wonder whether testing actually occurred.



Better manage the SAP security testing process. Users can test roles using their own IDs instead of managing piles of “test” IDs. Results of security testing are automatically captured for compliance reporting.

Streamline administration. SAP security administrators don’t have to manually create numerous temporary test user IDs and passwords. Testers are automatically notified of required tests, and test results are automatically captured.

Reduce audit concerns. To compliance professionals and auditors concerned whether adequate access testing is performed during implementations, deliver real-time reports on who performed testing and test results.

Simplify security deployments. Handy utilities let security administrators handle large user ID roll-outs en masse. Email notifications are automatically produced and user access is tracked.

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