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Quickly resolve SAP® security access issues

Nicknamed “SU53 on steroids,” the Security Troubleshooter module of the Security Acceleration Suite lets you quickly capture and report all relevant information for rapid resolution of SAP security access issues. The result: issues are resolved faster, so SAP administrators spend less time on day-to-day problems, and users can back to their jobs with minimal frustration.


Advanced security error data capture. When end users encounter a security access issue, Security Troubleshooter automatically captures the security error and all relevant information to recreate the issue. No more follow-up phone calls or workstation visits.

Powerful workflow engine. A trouble ticket is automatically created in SAP and routed to appropriate staff for resolution. The resolution process begins faster, without emails, helpdesk calls, etc.

Automatic documentation. Security Troubleshooter automatically records the remediation of the security issue (SAP user or role change), notifies the user, and reports it for audit purposes.



Avoid back-and-forth with end users. SAP security administrators can immediately recreate user access problems.

Resolve issues in one sitting. Security issues are automatically sent to the SAP security team with all the relevant information needed to resolve them quickly.

Streamline processing. Security Troubleshooter’s powerful workflow engine automatically routes issues to the proper resources for resolution, then routes resolutions back to the user for approval.

Automate documentation. All relevant data regarding an issue and its resolution is automatically captured for compliance reporting.

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