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Conduct role versioning and document the reasons for user changes

While change documents are available in SAP® systems, they don’t always paint the full picture of why a change was made. The SAP User and Role Accelerators module enables security administrators to create additional documentation on the reasons that changes are made on users, while also providing versioning of roles in SAP systems.


Troubleshoot issues identified after a role change migrates to production. Also drill down to the detail level to identify issues that led to a change.

Compare current and previous role versions across systems, identify the differences that led to a problem, and make sure the same versions are active in development, quality and production; even quickly revert to older versions of a role.

Make mass changes to roles and user assignments, such as adding a transaction to multiple roles or synchronizing organizational levels against a template.



Focus on other important SAP GRC issues. ControlPanelGRC’s embedded compliance and accelerated workflows improve data access and reporting to free security and technical associates from repetitive manual tasks that occupy too much time and energy.

Manage risk in your IT environment. Security administrators can better understand the reasons changes are made, and enjoy the agility of reverting to previous versions if needed.

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