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Control and secure SAP® transport management

The SAP Transport Management module of the Basis Control Suite automates the routine tasks of the SAP transport management process, using a compliance-focused workflow that ensures a more controlled and secure environment. Employing its workflow, you can easily maintain an audit trail and ensure compliance throughout your approval, testing and migration phases.


Configurable transport workflow. You can custom-configure a web-enabled workflow to meet your organization’s business or auditing needs. Multiple options let you easily add different approvers and approval levels throughout the process.

Automated transports in SAP. Automatically route transport requests and approved transports—at 15-minute intervals if you wish—through the approval, validation and migration phases. The system periodically sends approved changes to the production system based on your pre-configured migration strategy. Your teams are no longer restricted by time zones and Basis team availability to complete the process.

Faster change management. Speed the change management process by automating the time-consuming manual task of chasing down late approvals. The system sends automated e-mail notifications to remind your staff of their required tasks and upcoming due dates.

Documented audit trail. Inform the change request originator and team leaders/members of changes and approval steps, via automated emails. A history report shows you the workflow path of the request through an application, and notes validation details that provide an auditable review of testing.



Minimize simple risks. Reduce the potential for human error, unauthorized functions, and exposure to fraudulent activities.

Enforce SAP change management policy. Embed your change management policy into the module’s workflow to ensure that transport migration meets Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance standards, change requests are tested properly, and the process is auditable at any time.

Reduce the burden of change management. Automate your previously manual SAP transport management processes, and relieve your IT staff of unnecessary tasks, freeing them to focus on more strategic activities.

Cut the costs of audit preparation. Reduce audit preparation costs and staff frustration by eliminating the need for email scavenger hunts at audit time. Maintain documentation of the entire change management process, with history reports that show a request’s entire workflow path from initiation through development, testing and migration.

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