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Our heads are in the cloud.

The cloud is a flexible, scalable solution for many of your IT challenges. But knowing the best way to move or build a enterprise cloud infrastructure can be challenging. Fortunately, Symmetry’s expert team can advise you through the process from designing a cloud infrastructure to meet your business goals to implementing the cloud strategy that’s best for you.

We’ll assess your business needs and create a plan that will successfully transition your applications and data to the right cloud platform, whether it be a managed private cloud,  hybrid cloud or public cloud .

Led by Symmetry’s cloud expert Chief Technology Officer, Symmetry offers the following consulting services:

  • Cloud and Data Center Consultation – Symmetry’s expert team work directly with you to assess business requirements to ensure the cloud solution is meeting all your business needs. We devise a comprehensive cloud infrastructure plan to include hosting of all of your mission-critical and third-party applications.
  • Solution Architecture – Symmetry’s enterprise cloud and data centre solutions are roadmapped, built and supported by industry leading network, infrastructure, security and application engineer teams. Our team tailor-builds a cloud solution to fit your business needs on the hardware platform your organization prefers.
  • Enterprise Cloud Migration Planning – We help you plan and execute successful migrations into a custom virtual environment. With a thorough clean up of your database and detailed readiness assessment, you can trust the experts to ensure a smooth migration from start to finish.
  • Data Center Migration Planning – Symmetry offers state-of-the-art hosting facilities that provide flexibility to host and manage your entire data centers operations encompassing multiple platforms—including core business —and integrating third-party applications.

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