We can help simplify the SAP HANA migration process.


You’re probably aware of the improved performance you can expect from the in-memory SAP HANA platform. But when is the best time to migrate? More important, how do you do it?


Symmetry is a leader of SAP HANA emerging technologies and has the certified SAP experts in house to support our customers. With SAP at our core—understanding and advising clients regarding SAP HANA is second nature to us. While  SAP HANA migration is more complex than most, our certified experts will size your environment and migrate your current systems to SAP HANA safely and efficiently. No environment is too complex or outside our realm of project work. Whether you’re on the fast track to SAP HANA or require complete end-to-end project coverage, we offer flexible plans built around every business’ unique landscape setup. What’s more, we’ll make sure that all your questions are answered and all your concerns are addressed.


Post migration to steady state support.

Symmetry will help you with your SAP HANA solution every step of the way, from readiness service, migrations to a fully hosted and managed SAP HANA Cloud solution. Symmetry has the ability to host and manage your entire datacenter, encompassing multiple platforms including integrating third-party applications with SAP HANA. This hybrid solution is roadmapped, built and supported by industry leading networking and security team engineers.


Hidden Benefits of SAP HANA® Cloud Unlocked

Accelerate business analysis with SAP HANA. Maximize business outcomes with HPE. Get it all from Symmetry.



Watch this video to see how Symmetry can help you with an SAP HANA migration—saving you time and money while remaining fully secured.

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