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ERP Migrations: Creating New GRC Exposure and Upgrade Hazards

As anyone with an iPhone or Windows PC understands, when Apple or Microsoft issue a new software update, apps and functions that worked fine before suddenly experience degraded performance or simply do not work at all.

There is a parallel for enterprises today as they move to upgrade and migrate to the latest enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from companies like SAP and Oracle. These comprehensive software platforms act like the ‘heart and lungs’ for these companies, managing everything from the supply chain and logistics through to HR and financials.

A key part of ERP software is governance, risk and compliance (GRC) controls, in particular Segregation of Duties (SoD), which are designed to safeguard businesses, investors and customers alike.

At their primary layer, SoD and other access control measures provide checks and balances to prevent careless processes from exposing a business to risks. Taking it a step deeper, these access control measures are carefully designed, systematic rules implemented to keep people from defrauding an organization.

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