Symmetry’s blog will highlight trending topics company leaders

Milwaukee, WI — February 10, 2014 —

Building on its platform as a global technology provider leader, Milwaukee-based Symmetry Corporation today introduced its newest thought leadership channel in the form of Symplicitya corporate blog featuring key perspectives and insights from company leadership.

Symmetry’s blog will highlight trending topics company leaders are addressing in the world of SAP Hosting, SAP Cloud Services, SAP managed services, SAP outsourcing, SAP Basis, and datacenter services – by making SAP technical solutions simple. Kevin Knuese, the chief technology officer for Symmetry, will lead the effort with many other regular contributors.

“Through Symplicity, we hope to share our high-level strategic guidance on topics of interest that many Symmetry clients are facing in today’s changing business marketplace.With each post, we’re  hope to make SAP technical solutions simple by providing know-how and need-to-know certified expertise ” said Knuese. “Our goal is to really share our experiences with both clients, and prospects on ways to improve their business, and this is just one way we’re able to more effectively tell stories of success that hopefully other companies can replicate in their own SAP environments.”

Symplicity will live on the Symmetry home page with multiple posts per month.

About Symmetry

Symmetry™ is a leading applications management and hybrid cloud hosting solution provider with deep expertise in SAP application management. An SAP partner since 2005, Symmetry is certified in SAP Hosting, Cloud and SAP HANA® Operations. As a true extension of your IT team, Symmetry places a laser focus on the customer’s experience and offers highly flexible, tailored solutions to meet the unique business needs of enterprise clients. Symmetry supports global enterprises across all industries through a customer centric high-touch approach that delivers deep technical expertise combined with scalable, redundant, high availability cloud infrastructure supported by a 24x7x365 operations support model. With a long history and proven methodology for delivering hybrid solutions comprised of managed private cloud hosting infrastructure with enterprise application management services, Symmetry delivers IT solutions that help reduce the total cost of ownership and maximize the performance and security of our customers’ most mission critical systems.
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