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Symmetry Migrates HDT Global to Azure Government Cloud

SAP® environment migrated to public cloud infrastructure tailored and optimized to HDT Global’s specific business and regulatory requirements

Brookfield, Wis. – Symmetry, a leader in enterprise application management, hybrid cloud hosting and GRC solutions, today announced that HDT Global, a leading provider of highly engineered solutions for the military, public and industrial sectors, has partnered with Symmetry to design, build, migrate and manage their SAP environment on Microsoft’s Azure Government Cloud.

Founded in 1937, HDT Global is widely recognized for its industry-leading production of state-of-the-art fully integrated deployable solutions, including shelters, generators, heaters, air filtration devices, robotics and other engineered technologies. The company works with U.S. and allied military units worldwide, as well as civilian government and commercial customers, and is driven to be the ultimate partner for customers executing missions around the world in harsh, extreme environments.

To enable their continued success for the future, HDT Global began an initiative focused on maximizing their SAP environment by harnessing the power of the cloud – while simultaneously bringing a new acquisition onto SAP.  Due to strict regulatory needs of their customers, the company’s new hosting provider needed to be NIST, Fedramp, and ITAR compliant, which ultimately helped streamline HDT Global’s decision to choose Microsoft’s Azure Government Cloud.

While Microsoft is a well-known vendor at HDT Global, its Azure Government Cloud was relatively new to the organization.  To ensure a smooth transition, HDT Global knew that they needed to look for a managed services partner that could design, build, migrate and manage its SAP environment, as well as manage the underlying Azure infrastructure to maximize performance and availability given the critical nature of the company’s business. Based on the company’s reputation and expertise in managing SAP, HDT Global selected Symmetry.

azure government cloud“At the end of the day, we selected Symmetry because out of all the potential partners we reviewed they best met our business requirements and future needs,” said Todd Nelson, Vice President and CIO at HDT Global. “More importantly, they not only understand SAP, but also understand how to architect for it, how to migrate it, and how to support it in the public cloud. Symmetry worked closely as an extension of my team and the migration was completed ahead of schedule.”

HDT Global’s migration demanded customizations outside the standards for Azure Government Cloud to include SAP-specific requirements, resulting in a more complicated transition to the new cloud provider. By using data from previous export jobs of HDT Global landscapes, both teams were able to create a project plan that minimized risk and disruption during the process. Combining extensive planning and SAP expertise with hyper-coordination of all parties involved, ensured this was a seamless migration experience for HDT Global.

“Public clouds can deliver comprehensive cloud computing benefits, but can also be challenging to implement, secure and administer,” said Pete Stevenson, Chairman and CEO at Symmetry. “Our unique approach blends technology and automation with human expertise to deliver ongoing architecture, security and support backed by engineers and architects certified in both SAP application management and public cloud infrastructure.”

Symmetry manages the SAP environments and other critical enterprise applications and data for hundreds of enterprises worldwide across a range of flexible delivery options, including on-premise, private cloud, public cloud (AWS and Azure), hybrid cloud and Symmetry’s SAP HANA Cloud.