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Symmetry Redefines SAP Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for the Enterprise

zertoResponding to increasing demand for enterprise-class Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) solutions, Symmetry, a leading enterprise application management and cloud hosting solutions provider, today announced a new cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution delivered as a flexible monthly service requiring no capital investment.

Built on Zerto Virtual Replication software, Symmetry’s DRaaS cloud protects mission critical workloads and applications to improve IT resiliency and mobility. The new DRaaS solution uses Zerto’s hypervisor and storage agnostic capabilities, which enables enterprises to easily replicate and migrate data between VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, as well as public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Customers can now quickly and easily migrate applications and data to almost any environment, enabling them to improve their flexibility and cost savings using a hybrid cloud strategy for disaster recovery. It is particularly well suited to simplify backup and recovery of mission-critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environments and workloads such as SAP®.

“IT service providers are constantly challenged to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs and rigorous industry requirements many enterprise-class customers face,” said Jason Cowie, Senior Director, Global Partner and Channel Sales, Zerto. “By selecting Zerto to power its DRaaS offering, Symmetry has joined a burgeoning ecosystem of IT leaders as organizations shift from restrictive hardware and capital intensive infrastructures, to more scalable, responsive services that seamlessly maintain critical operations for customers.”

“Operating as a true extension of our customer’s IT organizations, we are obligated to deliver proven, comprehensive solutions that protect our customers from virtually any business disruption,” said Pete Stevenson, Chairman and CEO of Symmetry. “Zerto’s technology innovation is key to enabling our multi-site DRaaS solution that helps our customers meet current and future IT and business requirements, particularly those around mission-critical ERP and SAP environments.”

Symmetry DRaaS capabilities range from near-instantaneous continuous availability services, to simple offsite data backup services and features a self-service secure portal, detailed reporting, and non-disruptive testing and point-in-time recovery.

Key business benefits:

  • Satisfies regulatory requirements
  • Requires no capital expenditure
  • Can be tailored and scaled to specific requirements and budget
  • Protects data on-premises or offsite
  • Supported by technical experts 24/7


Symmetry’s DRaaS solution features a consultative approach that begins with a critical business impact assessment that distills the need for disaster recovery into three key concepts: A company’s Recovery Point Objective (RPO) — how much data can you afford to lose?  Its’ Recovery Time Objective (RTO) — how soon do you need to have your systems up and running? The Cost of Downtime — how much does an hour of downtime actually cost?

No matter the size of the business, this information is essential to developing a comprehensive disaster recovery solution and in justifying the expense for those who make the financial decisions for an organization.

“We are solving a problem that companies have not been able to traditionally solve on their own due to the lack of available technologies, skilled resources and budget,” said Christian Teeft, CTO, Symmetry. “Zerto’s technology-agnostic approach allows us to replicate SAP and traditional IT workloads in a way that that accommodates an organizations specific RPO and RTO goals.”

About Zerto

In today’s connected world, businesses need to be available to their customers, 24/7/365. Zerto provides Resilience for Evolving IT™, ensuring enterprises and their customers always have access to applications without any IT interruption, downtime or delay. Zerto’s award-winning Cloud Continuity Platform, protecting thousands of enterprises worldwide, is the simplest, most reliable BC/DR software solution built to protect applications on any public, private or hybrid cloud. Zerto’s proactive approach to recovery gives companies confidence in their ability to withstand any disruption, incorporate new technology easily, and quickly adapt to accommodate evolving IT priorities.