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Symmetry Wins Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service Provider Award for Customer Excellence

Symmetryhpe_gold_pi_SERP_digital, a leading enterprise application management and cloud hosting solutions provider, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the first ever Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service Provider Award for Customer Excellence in the category of “Enabling Workplace Productivity.” The customer, Karma Automotive, is a leading manufacturer of world-class luxury hybrid cars designed to challenge habitual thinking about luxury, and forge a path to a more sustainable future.

Symmetry, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service Provider – Gold Partner, is a recognized leader in management of mission critical applications, cloud-hosted solutions and SAP HANA. Symmetry gives customers access to the world’s cutting-edge technology, surrounded by expert and certified support. This includes hosting and cloud services, technical administration, implementation, upgrades and migrations, as well as project-based services and multiple layers of security to uphold data integrity.  Solutions can include data recovery services to keep businesses fully operational in the event of a disaster.

Excellence in Enabling Workplace Productivity

As part of its business transformation roadmap emphasizing agility and growth, Karma sought to securely migrate its IT operations into the cloud as well as take advantage of new SAP technology.  They were looking for a cloud solution that would scale quickly and easily, while minimizing production disturbances and downtime.

After comparing the costs of an in-house solution to outsourcing, Karma chose to partner with Symmetry for SAP application-management services. These include SAP Basis and Security, SAP HANA cloud hosting, and Symmetry’s ControlPanelGRC software.  Symmetry’s certified SAP HANA cloud infrastructure is built and supported by industry-leading networking and security engineers. It is powered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers and storage, and features high availability while eliminating the need for customers to commit to a hardware footprint.

With Symmetry’s SAP HANA cloud solution, Karma accomplished the following:

  • Achieved the ability to break a 1 TB virtualization memory limit as needed, with the capacity to rapidly scale up to 12 TB
  • Deployed new SAP technology featuring in-memory computing and column-based database structure which provides real-time answers to very complex questions
  • Migrated to a tier-one enterprise solution delivering 99.99% uptime
  • Lowered the risk of catastrophic failures
  • Delivered project ahead of schedule and under budget


“The Automotive Industry today is moving at the speed of light. Because our business is conducted in real time and requires instant insight, the systems we use must be intuitive on any device, anywhere, and at any time in order to drive value and be cost effective,” said Mikael Elley, Vice President of Planning and IT, Karma Automotive. “SAP Hana Cloud and Fiori provides a platform that allows us to meet these requirements. Symmetry’s experience with SAP Hana, combined with their investment in cloud infrastructure powered by HPE, made it easy to choose them to be our strategic partner to move into the cloud.”

“Karma Automotive is an innovative leader that recognizes the need for inventiveness, flexibility, and decisiveness as key qualities in an industry that is undergoing rapid change,” commented Pete Stevenson, Chairman and CEO of Symmetry. “With S/4HANA and Symmetry’s managed IT infrastructure services, Karma is capitalizing on the speed and large volumes of data that HANA can support. Now they’ll benefit from real-time analytics, landscape simplification, and ease of configuration for day-to-day operations while supporting its business transformation and growth objectives.”