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TIRU Improves Operational Risk Management with ControlPanelGRC®

Leading waste recovery company is the first to benefit from partnership between Symmetry and Harmonie Technologie by deploying access controls to reduce SoD and GDPR risks

Brookfield, Wis. and Paris – Symmetry, a leader in enterprise application management, hybrid cloud hosting and GRC solutions, today announced it has opened its doors to the French market for the first time with its ControlPanelGRC solution to manage SAP operational risks for TIRU, a Dalkia subsidiary of EDF Group. TIRU, a specialist in the recovery of materials and waste energy, has deployed Symmetry’s ControlPanelGRC software suite to modernize its governance, risk and compliance controls (GRC), segregation of duties (SoD), and user management for its SAP environment and aligned to its corporate business requirements. TIRU is the first organization to benefit from Symmetry and Harmonie Technologie’s partnership for access controls and data protection for SAP environments.

For the project scoping, vendor selection and implementation, TIRU worked with Harmonie Technologie, an independent consulting firm in the fields of risk management and cybersecurity. The deployment with TIRU is the first customer engagement based on a partnership between Symmetry and Harmonie Technologie to offer ControlPanelGRC as a preferred GRC solution to Harmonie Technologie’s customers in order to meet the challenges of professional data protection and personal data (GDPR) managed in their customers’ SAP systems.

TIRU approached Harmonie Technologie with a project to redesign access rights to its SAP system. The primary objectives were to define new SAP roles and align them with business needs while ensuring proper segregation of duties and administering access controls. After defining the project scope and roadmap, TIRU worked with Harmonie Technologie to review various solutions and selected ControlPanelGRC based on its functionality, simple installation, ease of use and budget.

“Harmonie Technologie has supported us end-to-end with the integration of Symmetry’s ControlPanelGRC to overhaul all of our SAP roles and to remediate against SoD risks. I particularly appreciated the Harmonie Technologie team’s technical skills. In addition to the quality of the work achieved and the superior outcomes, they enabled the domain managers and site managers to collaborate, which greatly facilitated the adoption of the project,” said Véronique Chamard, head of TIRU’s IT department. “We are also delighted that the solution delivered on its original promise: speedy integration and simple customizing. Not only have we augmented our security and efficiency in identifying SoD risks and solving them, but we have also automated and secured the creation and modification of new roles – composites, derivatives and parents.”

“TIRU is a great example of the importance of ensuring roles, access controls and segregation of duties are updated and aligned with the business as it evolves and changes over time to ensure data is secured,” said Mehdi Kefi, Senior Manager in charge of the GRC practice at Harmonie Technologie. “The challenge has always been that most GRC solutions are complicated, expensive and take a long time to implement, which is why ControlPanelGRC is an ideal solution for TIRU and our other customers.”

Symmetry’s ControlPanelGRC is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-implement governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) platform. The solution saves users time and money by automating compliance and auditing tasks. ControlPanelGRC has access control and process control capabilities that are highly responsive to leading areas of SOX compliance and key internal control constraints in SAP environments. The software suite is designed, implemented and supported by SAP technology and compliance experts who have years of experience in deploying, managing and auditing this critical environment.

“With GDPR’s requirements, combined with an increasing number of customers looking to modernize and migrate their SAP environments, a lot of companies are beginning to look at their access controls and segregation of duties to ensure they are fully compliant and audit-ready,” said Scott Goolik, VP of Compliance and Security at Symmetry.  “TIRU is a great example of how fast and easy it is to implement and use ControlPanelGRC – especially for business users – and we are excited to partner with Harmonie Technologie on more customer engagements as we continue to expand our business into the European market.”

Harmonie Technologie and Symmetry are organizing a breakfast seminar on Tuesday, September 25th in Paris to present the first successful joint project in France for a large industrial group. Learn more and register here:


About TIRU

TIRU, a subsidiary of Dalkia, within the EDF Group, specializes in the energy recovery of household waste in the form of electricity and steam intended for district heating or industrial uses. The company also specializes in biological and material recovery through sorting, anaerobic digestion and composting.

About Harmonie Technologie

French consulting firm and independent, specialist in risk management and cybersecurity, Harmonie Technologie provides answers to the issues of compliance and cyber security for businesses. The complementary skills of Harmonie Technologie (functional and technical) make it possible to effectively address LPM and GDPR programs, the definition of SSI strategy, the security of operational risks within ERPs, the execution of cyber crisis exercises, vulnerability auditing, remediation plan management and the implementation of identity management and data protection solutions.