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"We experienced a 66 percent savings in direct cost, while gaining a 15 percent increase in performance. Those are hard figures, not estimates Symmetry has been the absolute best decision that we’ve made since moving to SAP."

− Christopher Crofoot, Director of Information Systems, Advanced Technology Services, Inc.

"SAP HANA can greatly improve the overall performance of our current environment. We are very happy we partnered with Symmetry, a trusted Hosting provider, to host our POC lab. Backed with SAP HANA certified expertise in addition to their core SAP Technical consulting services, they helped us realize these enhanced performance metrics."

− Mustafa Mustafa, IT Sr. Manager, Reporting & Analytics

"Our initial testing already proves we can greatly increase speed with the enhanced functionality SAP HANA has to offer. This allows for the opportunity to optimally utilize our SAP environment like never before."

− Martina Schraven, Director of Application Development & Support, Noble Corporation